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When I stated my blog way back in 2009, I had not a clue what or how a blog worked, what it was, or how to do it, very much a hit or miss idea in my mind. It took me a very long time to figure out that it was a static website with currently up to the minutes posting abilities, I mean I knew nothing. I set up the blog, with good intentions (you know life is filled with them) !! LOL, of updating as I learned and time went on! You see there were the good intentions that did NOT happen!

However as the years have went by it has been my intentions to get to the static pages on, ABOUT, BASKETRY, RURAL LIVING, etc. as these are so feeble when I look at the now. They are just plain sad.

In the coming 6-8 months I have big reasons to bring these pages up to date, more professional in manner.

I guess the reason for this post is that everyday when I look at the stats page of the blog and see all the people who look at the static pages I just cringe at what they see (or don’t see). There is so much that needs to be said on those pages that is not being said.

I have had several people write to me about updating my contact information, which I should do, however the current place of residence I am always hopeful will change for the best very soon.

An extreme lack of work space for basketry, is one reason, no way to progress or move forward with what I have, I am currently trying to correct this problem.

It is my plan to work on these updates over the following months to make this blog/website more informative and professional.

I also want to start posting baskets to the second blog I started 2 years ago, and for reasons I cannot discuss here was not able to post them, however I am looking forward to positive changes in my life in the coming months.

Please bare with me as I re-work the blogs.