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This morning I am sitting here in Starbuck’s having a coffee, and checking the internet, email and other things, as there is no internet service where I live, so I have to go to the internet, rather than it coming to me.

Today is the typical almost fall day, still warm, 68 degrees, pouring down rain, people starting to wear jackets as I see them coming and going from the shop. The sky has that fall winter grey cast to it, (looks colder than it actually is). I have been watching since the sun came up the flocks of geese crossing the grey skies. Where is summer? Gone I am afraid!!

However, I have thought on days gone by, well really  years gone by; this is the time of year starting when I would be actively working on apples (they have a long season) from Summer Rambo’s to very late Autumn. I would have been canning applesauce, sliced apples, and making several turns of roaster oven apple butter, as well as getting ingredients ready and assembled for the cooking and canning of Mincemeat!! (How I will miss making that) !

There is always plenty to do in the fall of the year, as well as the cooking & canning of soups and stews for the winter months, people always said that is just too much work, however when you grow up doing these things, it is work, but it is just part of life, not like an extra chore, it is just part of living.

There is a big difference between “Just Existing” & “Living Life” , you don’t do all these things as a special project with everything else you do in life, they all are done hand in hand, all part of living. For me when I think of people just existing in life, it would be the people that watch tv, on the internet 24/7,  playing games all day. Living on TV dinners. I don’t know, I see all sorts of people in life and there are some reasons that limit what so many people can do. However I do know some people, that really exist in life waiting to die,, no interests, no hobbies, no goals in life, while it is good to have these things, you still need to put with them the act of living, cooking, eating. something to get up for and live for, daily goals as your grow old.

I do have one person in mind, when I say all of this, she is a local person, she just plays solitaire all day long, watches tv, and lives on prepared foods from the store. no cooking (a part of daily life for most people) I feel sorry for this person, and believe me I NEVER WANT TO BE HER.  There is no passion for life, no thirst for knowledge, no hobbies, no art, you just exist waiting to die. ………………DEAR GOD TAKE ME FROM THIS WORLD SHOULD I SHOW SIGNS OF BECOMING LIKE THIS! , I don’t want to be here any longer.

Surely there are always things to read about, learn from, sights to see even if right out in your own back yard. If I did not have this blog, to release frustrations on, write about interests, life goals or the knowledge of things from my past to help me into the future, I would go totally insane.

It is wonderful to learn from the past, and the present just don’t forget how to take what you have learned with you into the future. Learning and the acquisition of Knowledge is a life long experience, that should not end, however I have seen where it does for some which is so so sad!

Do Not Just Exist in Life,

Live Life on a Daily  Basis!

No I have not been a world traveler, no I have scaled high peaks or sailed on the ocean, driven across country, but you don’t have to do any of those things, you just have to live life right where you are, make the most of life just right where you are. Living Life is the Goal, not just Existing Waiting to Die, what kind of life is that?

God put us all here for one life, what a shame to waist a moment of it.