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Summer Giving Way to Autumn Days!

Note: This picture if not from now, found it on the internet and was just to beautiful to pass up! However it is a look into days to come!

Last week here in Virginia, we had hot and humid weather, yesterday morning the temps about 55, highs in the 70’s and this morning was a nice but stern reminder that summer is giving way to Autumn days, as the temperature was 45 degrees.

While I personally dread being cold all the time, having to bundle up just to go to the mailbox, it is something we need to put up with in this part of the country, and as I am reminded by friends in other parts of the country and world, Virginias winters would seem like a tropical paradise compared to theirs!!

I have been watching the posts being read in the blog, and seeing the trend happening with the changing of the seasons. People are starting to search for recipes for baking, Lemon Pound Cake w/ Clear Lemon Glaze, one that is prevalent year round as Lemon is always bright and happy, great in summer cool and refreshing yet in winter reminds us of warmer days and times.

I can also tell minds are going towards the coming holiday season as many people have been searching for Old Fashioned “REAL” Pound Cake, Old Fashioned Applesauce Cake, Ice Water Cake, Apple & Spice Simmering Potpourri, Crunchy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, really the list just goes on, with the numbers of people already feeling the baking season coming.

In the past several days many searches for making apple butter in a roaster oven, for me this was always the best and simplest way to make homemade apple butter to can, no stirring, and cooks down beautifully. Oh how I miss canning and cooking, baking and dehydrating, all parts of daily living for me, I sincerely hope these days return to me soon.

I have thought quite a bit lately how I will miss going to the Old Order Orchard to pick up several bushels of apples to can, make applesauce and apple butter, it leave a real void in my life not incorporating all this into my daily routine. I think that is what I miss most where I am living now, it is virtually impossible to have a routine, I tend to be a very routine oriented person, you don’t wait until you wake up to plan your days, you plan them ahead, cooking, canning, baking for the week, making time during the day usually early morning or late evening to write posts to the blog, usually 4 am or 9pm after all things are done, weaving baskets, cleaning, everything worked into each day, all part of living, of course I really miss having plants, vines and garden flowers, right now life seems pretty dreadful. However constantly praying for a change and back to the routine of living , not just existing in life.

When you live to just exist in life you don’t grow, you sort of live to die. but when you live life, with a routine and purpose, you grow, and flourish, for me in all areas, the art of of living as well as the art of life, all this gives me new ideas in ALL areas of my life. especially in Art: weaving, painting, drawing. I feel all these thing work together and help you to grow in every area. I absolutely hate just existing.

PICT0559  PICT1131

Lemon Pound Cake                           Old Fashioned Applesauce Cake


PICT0655  PICT1174

Ice Water Cake                                   Old Fashioned “Real” Pound Cake

Apple & Spice Simmering Potpourri