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PICT0383I have noticed over the past several months a spike in the views to my only card making post, done about  two years ago now. It is a nice feeling to see that people are still interested in card making. For me it was a real tension reliever from the stresses of daily life, when I was tired of weaving, when you just did not want to watch television. It is all about expressing your feelings in different artistic ways.

Once again like various weaving styles, with card making, you can be just a rubber stamper, or you can look at the rubber stamp and contemplate on how can I take just a stamped image to new heights, how can I make just a stamped image uniquely mine?

For me the most delightful use of stamps, was to take rubber stamps with good detail, for me it was botanical, stamps especially leaves, trees etc. Stamp in Versa Mark, a glue pad, and stamp on the cardstock, most often for me being an Ivory cardstock, you must tilt the cardstock after stamping to see the glue, be free and freeform stamp, over laying the stamp images, Think of leaves falling from the trees as they do naturally in nature,

Once you have stamped several images in the area you like, then take good earth tone chalks, soft pastels work really nice, as the color graduations are great, instead of just red, green, blue, yellows etc. with soft pastels you have many hues of each color.

PICT0384Do Not Be Afraid, of using colors, sometimes people are so afraid of using/blending colors, you take a Q-tip or miniature cotton ball (I mean small) or I have been told cosmetic swabs for make up work well also. Just be free with what you see in your mind or colors of Autumn in this case, brushes / rub the chalk/pastels over the damp glue images and watch your pictures come alive! Also at this point after you have made what appears to be a blurred and smeared mess over the glue stamp image, you will take a tissue and wipe over the entire image to see the wonder coloring that you have made. The chalks/soft pastels are permanently adhered to the card surface!

I have found in doing this do not neglect the non glue areas, I liked to take several shades and mottle in various colors usually deep earth tones that were complimentary to the colors I used in the leaves. While there is no glue in these areas I used a bit more pressure, and the pigments will adhere and remain in a subtle shading.

I cannot express how much I miss making my own cards, it was like I said before often a stress reliever when I was too tired to work on anything else or wanted something that was just free form, not requiring great thought to do. Just pure enjoyment.

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One must also remember, think ahead to the holidays, Autumn is upon us, Thanksgiving and Christmas is coming, Spring, Easter etc. The best time to brighten a dull winter day, or when the snow is coming down is to set at your table working on Easter Cards. I tied like my baskets to make each and every card uniquely different no single card identical to the other. Not always possible, but close.

In this post I have had to reuse photos from a couple years ago, as I have been in a situation where the only thing I can do is look at all the packed up boxes of card stock and card making supplies and no way to work with any of it., Life without Art is not Living, (believe me I know this all to well in the past year)

Just remember you can spend quite a few dollars on store bought cards, or you can create and give something from your heart with the thoughts of the person in mind that will last a very long time.

For me, I found that so many of my cards were being put into frames to hang on walls, as small works of art, what a nice feeling to know that people liked what you did enough to show them in a frame instead of in a desk drawer, do not underestimate your work, and what it means to others…………………

You may find some of these card making links useful.


I have found that Oh My Crafts over the years has consistently in most case has lower prices and good service.


Great resource for leaning to use die cutting & embossing machines, though you can purchase direct often times you can find better pricing through sites like Oh My Crafts.


Great place in their stores and online, to find rubber stamps and cardstock, especially when you get on their mailing list,, and receive multiple 40 & 50% off coupons on one item, great if you live close and can use a coupon each day.


Like JoAnn above when you get on the mailing list you often receive multiple discount coupons for 40 & 50% off one item, which helps over time. Here again rubber stamps, and cardstock/ card blanks are great buys here. However I have found that for both of the above, it is better to shop online either on their sites or site like Oh My Crafts for far wider selection and better pricing and sales.

These are just a few of so many good places to shop, since my ability to do what I like to do has changed dramatically, you would think I would just give up, no I still look, window shop and dream that one day all of these things will come back to me, as well as water color painting , but that is another post and another day.


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