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Autumn, Fall, whatever you wish to call it, can be the most glorious time of the year, when you can still be outside, late fall picnics, warm days cool nights, the colors of the autumn months about everywhere you look!

The abundant and ever changing colors in the trees, giving way to the seemingly never changing evergreens, on the ground the color of the fall mums blooming all about. The corn Shocks in the farm fields for those that still do that, as you can see in some Mennonite and Amish fields about, pumpkins and long neck butternut squash in the roadside stands, the smell of fresh picked apples in bushel baskets for sale.

All of these things are a happy time for me, but gives way to the thing I hate the most, the foreboding of long dark winter days, never ending dressing in layers just to go to the mailbox. For most people this would not be a time to be alone, or want to live alone, but I believe for me, being alone I don’t mind, as there are always things to do and stay busy, cooking, cleaning, art work, loneliness is a state of mind, however I wish I could say the same for long cold dark days of winter.

My longing to be creative in peace and solitude, withdrawn to myself not out of depression at all, but out of a need to be creative, and that can mean basketry, art, cooking even cleaning, there are many ways to be creative, I can even be alone with good classical music playing (something I have not been able to listen to for a best part of this year) sad, usually if I can get to a place and hear something like

Rhapsody On A Theme by Paganini by Rachmanioff

Vivaldi’s Four Seasons

Pachelbel’s Cannon in D

Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring

Also absolutely love listening to classical minors, not depressing to me at all, and my absolute favorite of all time is!

Mozart’s Requiem Mass in D minor

Beethoven’s 9th Symphony in D minor



There are so many more, however I hope these links to the You Tube recording work and sound right, my sound card died on the laptop a couple years ago and an alternative was worked out by a computer friend, so the sound is there not however several months ago I am unable to watch, listen to any videos/recordings, don’t know if this has to do with using  WIFI at different locations etc.the cd player I had for nearly 20 years had the nerve to up and die and do you know how hard it is to find a new one, all that is out there are these blasted I Pod & MP3 things,  I am no computer geek, (would be nice) but it would blow up if I tried to figure it out probably!

See when I listen to any one of these once I can replay it over and over again in my mind while I am weaving baskets/doing art work, very nice, or think of another work that I have and listen to it.

However when I want new ideas in art or basketry, I just lay back and listen to any of these and think intensely about the composer and what he was thinking and how it must be to write music for so many parts and combine it all into on comprehensive work of music, I like to think of all the different instruments blending together during the playing of a symphony in to one melodious work, and usually it is odd, I start seeing pictures of baskets I have never made “YET” they just come to my mind, almost trans like state while listening to the music. Wonderful Gift from God, just love it, when I am there I am in total peace and solitude!! Oh to Go There Again!

This Reminds me of the Hymn

Alone With God

by Johnson Oatman Jr.


  1. When storms of life are round me beating,
    When rough the path that I have trod,
    Within my closet door retreating,
    I love to be alone with God.
    • Refrain:
      Alone with God, the world forbidden,
      Alone with God, O blest retreat!
      Alone with God, and in Him hidden,
      To hold with Him communion sweet.
  2. What though the clouds have gathered o’er me?
    What though I’ve passed beneath the rod?
    God’s perfect will there lies before me,
    When I am thus alone with God.
  3. ’Tis there I find new strength for duty,
    As o’er the sands of time I plod;
    I see the king in all His beauty,
    While resting there alone with God.
  4. And when I see the moment nearing
    When I shall sleep beneath the sod,
    When time with me is disappearing,
    I want to be alone with God.