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I have had a lot of time lately to sit and ponder things in the mornings, no walking in the mornings or working on posts for the blog in Starbucks. I have many things to be thankful for including my car radiator blowing up on me at a busy intersection last Thursday morning, but was able to move the car off into the grass and call for help.

I can be thankful it did not decide to do it on the top of the mountain where I had been headed, when the check engine light popped on at the foot of the mountain, however it has left me without a car, until it is repaired.

In the mornings I make instant coffee now (not my cup of tea) but it will do in the absence of the good brewed coffee. So I still set outside in the wee hours of the morning, until the sun comes up, as the light appears and nature starts waking up, you start seeing things come to life.

I have been observing the activities of a group of little ants moving grass blades on the concrete porch where I set. At first glance you think they are chaotic in their movements, wondering to and fro all over the place, but if you study them, you start to see and organization going on, some going back into the grass, some moving to a pile of dried grass where they seem to building a mound.

By closely observing them you see where a tiny little any is able to move a dried blade of grass, 5 to 6 times bigger than he is, sometimes you see him struggle, so he moves to the other end and turns the blade around, then either moves it, or it seems he calls several friends over to help, and they all work together to move that one blade of grass into position at the mound they are forming. It is simply amazing how they  seem to work together to get things done!

Wouldn’t it be Great, if man could work together like these smallest of God’s creatures do? What a better world we would live in.