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Glories of the Early Morning

‘Indeed the Best Things in Life Are Free!’

You know so often people ask me why I get up so early in the mornings? What in the world do you possibly do at 4am? There is nothing going on?

Oh my how much people miss, by not getting up early in the morning, nothing going on? There are lots of things going on if you take the time to set down and watch, listen and learn. The world is teaming with things, the earth is coming to life, while most people are still sound asleep, so many things are happening.

Just like this morning, at 4 am in central Virginia, it is still dark in mid August, it is quiet except for the frogs croaking, the crickets singing, as the dawn starts to show its early morning hues in the skies of the east, the stars in the sky start to fade into the pale, pale blue skies dusted with light golden yellow and orangey red hues. You start to see the outlines of the trees around you, and the early morning mist gently floating through the trees. ..Nothing goes on that early in the morning!

As I set in the car (the only comfortable place to set) and look around me, feeling the cool, calmness of the morning, I notice the spider that every evening right at dark that spins her web beneath the silk fern hanging on the porch, to the chair on the porch, without fail, this happens night after night, and if you are up as the sun just lights the morning skies, you will see this little spider, come alive and and start to cut down her web, in seconds the web disappears until that evening at dark, her work for the day is done, until she starts the night shift all over again at dark.

Shortly after the spider goes to bed for the day, and as the first rays of the new dawn peeks over the horizon, you will start to hear more and more birds start to sing their early morning songs, the crickets and frogs go off to bed with the spider, and the birds start to soar through to air, then little baby birds (not so much babies now) start to hop on the ground around you everywhere pecking for seeds amongst the blades of green grass, as the once foggy dawn starts to burn off and fade away for another day.

This is my daily ritual, sunshine, rain, I feel rejuvenated for another day, able to face the harsh realities that the day will bring to my life. Even though right now I may not have the peace and solitude I so desire, at least in these very special ours of the day, when most everyone is asleep, I know that I can find a little sanctuary and enjoy the peaceful quiet and meditate and commune with God and think about the good things that he has given me in life, the gifts, the pleasures, good friends, and even the pain, and grief that comes our way, that help us (me) to enjoy the marvels of nature, best of all you don’t have to drive anywhere, pay anything, for you, me and everyone, all these things are right out your door, IF you take the time stop in the early morning mist and enjoy the splendors in your own backyard!  Believe it or not it all is absolutely FREE!