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PICT0552Today I have been looking at all the foods I have posted about, and day dreaming about how much I miss cooking everyday. You never know how much you miss something until it is gone.

I used to tell people that cooking for me is therapy, as well as making dishes and posting the recipes to this blog. By doing so as a single person, it meant that I cooked well balance meals, and ate well at the same time, posting the blog was like cooking for company everyday, the readers were my company.

Unfortunately my living conditions changed, and I have since moved in with a roommate (something I will NEVER do again). The kitchen is so small you cannot move, the refrigerator space so limited, that I cannot cook, and have room to store what is left. I miss casseroles and soups/stews, as these go a long way and go for several days.

I don’t often go back and read the blog as it is depressing at times. However I still think about cooking all the time, at least the way I used to do it. I also have very much missed canning, believe me this is NOT a canning kitchen. I am hopeful and prayerful that the day will come when I can go back to having my own place (by myself) again, that truly will be a glorious day indeed!

It is funny as most people tell me they don’t want to be alone, I am a people person by nature, however the greatest joy I have is my own routine and the peace and solitude of being by myself!! I will never take that for granted again should I ever be able to live alone again.

I try to adhere to the principals of a diabetic diet, as far as watching carbohydrate intake and eating good quantities of fiber, however my roommate is on a total high carbohydrate and sugar, sugar, sugar diet. I wish that she would learn some sugar is not bad, but overloading your diet with sugar is really bad and a totally unhealthy way of eating. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink, I guess learning the hard way for some is the only way.