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PICT1129This is not one of my regular type posts, usually happy and upbeat, however I am forced to look at other people in ways I have not had to before.

I am sure many of you out there have hobbies you like to do, they can range from Yard & Gardening, Cooking, Automobiles, Golf and Sports, Crafts,  Arts, and Artistry. Each of you know what it costs to do what you like to do. Sometimes the cost is irrelevant, sometimes the costs constrain us from doing what we really want to do.

Even though circumstances keep me from saying what I actually do, it is a hobby, that I love and have done now for well over 20 years. What I have to ask you, have you ever had friends that seem to live in an alternate reality where things cannot cost what they do in todays world,

It seems that a group of people near me, seems to think my art supplies are delivered to me by Gossamer Winged Angels that float down from heaven in the early morning mist, with basket loads of free art supplies. I have been confounded by the level of denial in today’s economy with the high prices of everything that some people think art supplies to do what I do are absolutely free.

I have been blessed out by one recently because they thought what I do costs only about 5 bucks each. (high level of denial)  I more than anyone wish that I could make them for $5 BUCKS EACH, that would thrill me to death, however I do live in the real world and they cost about 5-10 times that considering the size.

My question to you is have you ever done anything hobby wise that you like to do, and even though people can see high prices totally surrounding them, yet when they look at what you do, IT SHOULD COST ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ?

I realize this post is unlike my usual, and it is vague at best, however sometimes you just have to talk to someone (in this case you) because there is no one else to, verbally, mentally or physically vent to .

Sometimes it is better to get things off our minds than to hold them in and keep dwelling on them, this is not good for health’s sake.

I would like to see if any of you have had this type of experience, it is really frustrating to me, though I wish I lived in these peoples reality, where everything cost nothing to make. WOW I WOULD BE IN HEAVEN FOR SURE!

Alas here on earth, where EVERYTHING COSTS BIG TIME!

Have any of you had similar experiences and how did you handle it?