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Light and Easy on a Hot Summers Day!

Growing up in the 1960’s could be difficult at times compared to today, however we did not know anything different so I guess things did not seem that bad then.

The fact that most homes only had one car, when it was gone to work, you walked everywhere, you walked to store, downtown, everywhere. Now to a child of 7 years old a close walk on a hot August morning could seem like punishment (it did) believe me, the Farm Bureau seemed miles a way, but was truthfully only about 1/2 mile away, the best part of all that long suffering was that they had air conditioning! Something that was strange and foreign to us, since we did not at the time even have a box fan!

The real chore of summer was when we walked downtown so mom could go fabric shopping, now that was about a 2 1/2 mile walk (a killer) but it looks like I have survived 44 additional years, so guess that was good for me.

Now on back to the HOT Days of August & Pineapple Salad. Since we did not even own a fan at the time, it was HOT! Not wanting to heat up the kitchen with cooking I remember Mom would often have simple light meals especially the evening meal.

I most remember a Bed of Lettuce, with either canned pineapple chunks or rings on it, and a simple dressing of Hellman’s Mayonnaise to which some pineapple juice, a bit of sugar was added, and a dob on the top! We loved this, as it was cool and refreshing on such HOT days, but it was light, as you don’t feel like eating much when it is so hot.

Once in a while back then (if we had) coconut and maraschino cherries that would go on top of the salad, well that was a real treat back then.

Really I have already given the recipe, it is one of those dishes that really has no written recipe. However in todays world unlike back then we have a whole myriad of fruits available to us to make a simple, light and cool fruit and lettuce salad. We also had it with cottage cheese, it depends on what mom ordered from the milk man that particular day.

Some suggestions that I like for today’s Pineapple Salad would be the base recipe, and add mandarin oranges, coconut (because I love coconut) maraschino cherries, finely chopped walnuts would be nice also. seedless grapes, blueberries, strawberries, as you can see the combination is only limited by what you like. I just thought sometimes mom would great sharp cheese over the salad, the flavors together really added to the variety that could be made any given day.

The best part is that you get lettuce, instead of 100% fruit, a nice balance.