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It took me a very long time to find out why the ever popular sandwich wrap is so popular! I will admit looking at them years ago and wondering what in the world people saw in these things?

However through the course of time, and reading the backs of tortilla packages, I have found out that at least on the Whole Wheat wraps, you get a wrap that is at least as large as a sandwich, if not larger, as well as higher in fiber than bread, and in the end lower in carbohydrates than 2 slices of whole wheat bread.!

I do watch my carbohydrate intake, and have found that a single whole wheat tortilla, has 27 grams of carbs, it also has 5-7 grams of fiber depending on the brand, which means the end results on the carbs is actually 20-22 grams per wrap (well just for the tortilla) which is not bad considering two slices of whole wheat bread can be 35 to 45 grams per 2 slices.

Also, really who watching their carbs, wants to make a sandwich on a 1/2 slice of bread, you spend the next several hours starving to death waiting for the next meal, while with a wrap, I look at it this way, you actually have a sandwich and a small salad all at once, it could be argued that a good sandwich with bread offers the same, however when you get larger Kaiser rolls etc, then your carbs jump dramatically to accommodate your small salad.

Over all I have found that I am very satisfied making all sorts of wraps, I will admit though they are not the easiest to transport, I have found that the wraps that I make with chicken salad, tuna salad, salmon salad, and egg salad, rolled in plastic wrap, slipped into a Ziploc bag, and refrigerated seems to stay together better since they kind of set up again in the fridge, however yesterdays delicious boiled egg wrap, ended up being more of salad on a tortilla on a plate rather than a wrap, but very delicious.

When you look at what generally goes on or into a wrap sandwich, generally you are not adding loads of carbs to your diet with the filling, unless you have a Miracle Whip fixation (I don’t) however I have know some people that do.

I have been told by a doctor to really watch the breads (and have found some tortilla brands to be the same) be sure to read the nutrition information panel on the package, some companies without scruples will list a bread or tortilla as being whole wheat, and it will actually be white flour, colored brown, with minimal whole wheat, as can be detected by the low volume of fiber in the product, it is a shame that this can be done, but goes to show you need to read the panel and hope that is telling the truth.

I have to admit on my search for a wrap image for this post at getting tons of ideas for wraps that I had not even considered before. Even using lettuce and cabbage leaves as wraps in place of tortillas.

I will tell you now if you like to read food blogs and websites as well as many other topics of interest, just do a Google Image search, when you click on the picture you will be take to the website, those pictures were posted on, you find so many interesting sites this way.

I am sincerely hoping one day soon to be able to cook, take pictures and post to my blog and have a real life again!