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Good Morning Everyone,

I have not really said to much about the move that everyone heard about earlier this year, As it has taken a very long time to adjust to the whole thing as it is far different from anything I have ever experienced in my life.

Picture- The Ruins at Barboursville, Virginia


I am sitting here an Starbucks with coffee in hand, writing this post to the blog, as there is no internet at home. Really this works out better as I found you can still find peace and solitude in a room full of talking people, I still long to be living alone again, nothing can replace that.

I am a person that loves my art, loves cooking, gardening,  and am very domesticated, having come from a Mennonite background, however I love and live for peace and solitude in my life……………….something very non existent at this point.

Since moving I have no room for art work, the basket weaving just barely, as the space is about 9 feet square, to small, but must make it work as my hands are tied to do anything about it.

No room for cooking, there is a kitchen but so small, I have no cabinets for food, let alone cook ware of any kind so all that is still packed up and back in Bridgewater, in a storage unit.

I have a roommate, we will leave it at that. The roommates way of living and mine are totally different (totally)

I will admit that I have needed to loose weight, so in some ways it has been good, since very little cooking can take place, what I cook is in smaller portions (as I don’t do prepackaged foods, and try as little as possible to buy fast foods) I try to incorporate as much fiber into my diet as I can but I struggle to get enough good carbs in my diet.

As a result I wore shamefully size 40 jeans on April 1st 2012, and now on July 4th, 2012 wear size 34, I will admit to feeling good, I have found bouts of irritability seem to precede a sudden drop in weight. Have no idea where it will end up. I have been eating all the vegetables that I have been given from peoples gardens, and tend to eat them quickly as there is no refrigerator space for storing them like I used to have, back in Bridgewater.

I want to start walking each morning, as there are a good many larger shopping centers around to drive to that would make nice places to walk, but frankly I am afraid that if I start walking each day my weight will drop more rapidly than it has been.

At least I get to do basket weaving, that is a bright side to my living situation.