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I wanted to thank all the people that have inquired about the Lentil Burger recipe that I posted about several weeks ago. I was really surprised by numbers of emails and comments I received on the mention of the recipe.

I basically took the best of quite a few recipes and made my own. Noting that the number one complaint with Lentil Burgers is keeping them together, something that I did not want to happen is having them fall apart during frying. I will admit the first attempt was great, as I only had one of the nearly 35 I got fall apart! (something to do with being to tired to be frying the burger in the first place)…LOL

The reason I did not post that recipe is I wanted to make certain that it was not beginners luck. I wanted to get the same results twice.

I am also been doing some research on making Lentil Bread, not sure when I will get around to this as all  my bake ware is still packed up, so this recipe will be difficult without just buy new bread pans.

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