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I by no means am an expert on this topic. I have always had a fascination with eating flowers, in my earliest year watching my grandmother candy violets for use in cakes, also being sent into the yard to collect dandelion blossoms for wine making, along with the greens for dinner. Those were the good years in the early to mid 1960’s before such heavy use of of herbicides and pesticides on our yards and fields.

Over the years I have myself candied sweet violets, and eaten nasturtiums. these are just a few, of the many varieties of flowers you can eat.

While researching the topic, and not being able at this time to try more, I have opted to include some links to several good sites on the topic should you be interested as I am.

One link that appears to have an abundance of useful information is





This About.com site also includes links to recipes for cooking with flowers, many of which sound interesting.



This link includes a recipe for candied violets



The list is vast of links for Edible Flowers on Google, some looked good some looked not so good, just brief. However I saw many, that I liked and wanted to look around further on.

Hope this helps you to explore the art of cooking with flowers and include them in salads and desserts as well as stuffed as in squash blossoms, this is one thing that I would like to try someday.