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I just wanted to post and let everyone know that I have not forgotten to post the recipe for the lentil burgers, I want to make them again, and see if they come out the same as the first time. They did come out great though.

In addition I have been cooking with lentil a lot, since the blood sugar scare again after 4 years of near perfect readings. They believe it was due in large part to increased stress from moving and learning to live in a totally different environment than I have ever been used to.

I have always lived alone, had a set routine, and although do cook with sugar as my recipes show. I also included lots of fiber in my diet and had a well balanced diet, making all things work together. Since the move and adapting to a roommate (something I NEVER want to do again) and will be glad when things work out for that to change.

The kitchen is way smaller than my old kitchen and actually no room for me to even unpack any of my cookware/bake ware, as there is absolutely no room for it. So you can see where this needs to change. Meals are smaller portions and I am finding it very difficult to adjust to this roommate lifestyle, I have dropped almost two pants sizes due to all these changes in the past two months.

Now back to the Lentils. I will be posting soon several recipes:

Lentil Burgers

Lentil Soup

Lentil & Ground Turkey Chili

Lentil Salad

Pictures like I used to take of everything is going to be challenging where I am living, but will try to make it work out. I have missed posting to the blog and reading comments from all my friends, I am hoping and praying that I am able to make something work out that is better for all the things I did and now don’t have room to do.