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In the past 30 plus days I have had to adjust to so many different things living in a new area, one of those and the worst is a total dietary change. I was used to a very high fiber diet, eating more fresh vegetables and fruits, soups and stews.

I will admit that when this move came about I never gave a thought that cooking would not be the same or with very little change. How wrong can a person be?

The lady that I room with eats a totally different diet from me, (high carb, low fiber) one that I used to live with 5-6 years ago, before I had a diabetes scare, now albeit I had sugar in my diet I still at fiber rich foods, just not in the quantities that I should have been consuming, the dreaded word diabetes changed all of that.

Now even though the kitchen is small and refrigerator space at a premium where fresh foods are concerned I have had to become used to daily shopping or at least every other day, buy it and eat it. So soups and stews are out of the question in the current situation, making 4-6 quarts of soup, and eating on it for the week just cannot be done where I am at.

Hence I have found the miracle of the LENTIL, I have had lentils over the years, and split peas, however when you look at the wealth of goodness packed into these little dried legumes, I decided that I could make dishes such as lentil burgers, lentil loaf, and small batches (make today eat today) lentil soups.

Lentil burgers I have found while researching recipes are as varied as meatloaf, the main thing to remember is to try to be sure you have enough binder in the burgers to hold them together. In the burgers I was given from WHOLE FOODS, they used Spelt flour as a binder, since I am neither vegetarian or vegan, I will use egg as an additional binder also. Many recipes call for Panko (Japanese Breadcrumbs) or rolled oats (I will use rolled oats)

In the coming month I am hoping to get my recipe written down and posted to the blog. Along with additional nutritional information on lentils and possible variations.

I will admit that the lentil burgers are the only thing that I have found that both fills me up and satisfies me with no meat in the meal, and actually sticks with me through the evening. I am looking forward to experimenting with lentils and seeing how many different ways I can come up with to prepare them

Today for me no recipe exists for the lentil burgers, except in my own mind. kind of a mixture of recipes to be combined into one. So far the burgers will contain the following:

Red Lentils, Green Lentils, chopped green onion, yellow onion, grated carrots, green pepper, fresh chopped spinach, celery, garlic, Chipotle Chili powder, celery salt, oregano, thyme, Amaranth grain, 7 grain mix, rolled oats, sprouted spelt flour, wheat bran, cayenne.

The first attempt will be the trial and error recipe for me, I am sure it will require tweaking. but it will be interesting to see how many variations I can come up with.