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In an effort to try and Spice up Ramen noodles and make them into a more homemade meal, I have been searching over the internet looking at various recipes and trying to make up a recipe of my own.

The other day at a local market in Charlottesville VA (Reid’s Market) I bought a pound of country sausage, with no real idea of what I was going to do with it, other than eat it or make sausage gravy. I decided to put something together to dress up ramen  noodles.

I fried in the bottom of my sauce pan, a small portion of the sausage, a sprinkle of cayenne, some salt and pepper (being careful with the salt) as everything has salt in it especially the ramen seasoning packet.

I added a small can of corn (which did brown a bit) but I wanted something colorful, , and added some diced onion. After the sausage was browned, I added the water to the pot to cook the noodles,

After the water had cooked down a bit and the noodles were done, I stirred in several tablespoons of cream of mushroom soup. to give the noodles a little sauce.

Add chopped or sliced fresh mushrooms.

This is not good home cooking but it is better than just eating Ramen noodles all the time.

I have found that any combination of foods added to ramen makes a good meal, I try to vary it each day.

I don’t eat ramen everyday but considerably more than I ever thought I would.

DRESSING UP – Ordinary Ramen

Curry Powder, turmeric, onion, sausage, bacon,hamburger,  cream of soups, canned vegetables such as corn, peas, lima beans, bean sprouts or fresh vegetables as chopped asparagus, spinach, now peas, really the sky is the limit, and experimentation is the key.