PICT0337As so many of you have come to look for in my blog posts, are posts on Mennonite Life and Cooking. I am now faced with an extreme changes in my cooking habits with my recent move.

The kitchen in the place that I am living in about 4 times smaller than what I had before, and it is shared with another person. I am not complaining should they read this post, it is what it is, and I need to learn to adjust to the current situation. However there is no room for cooking like I used to do.

I cannot imagine baking biscuits, baking bread, or making soups that will feed me for the entire week or to freeze. There is absolutely no room to do home canning. Kind of discouraging, but it is what it is for the time and I need to learn to adapt to the current situation as it  stands now.

There are many recipes that I still have notes to make posts to the blog like the baking/cooking mixes for the busy life, the only part is that I usually make my meals, dishes mixes and take my own pictures for the blog, and this probably will not be possible during this time.

I may post recipes believe it or not on spicing up Ramen Noodles to take it from just a quick dish to something more of a quick entrée. Finding new ways to spice up quick foods and hopefully transform them into new dishes.

I also ask you the readers to help me out by suggesting new topics you would like to see written about.

I am hoping that this hiatus from good Mennonite and Amish Cooking is not of a long duration.

Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.