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PICT0388While moving can be a positive thing in ones life, cleaning out, throwing away long saved things that you wonder why in the world you ever kept them in the first place. It can also be fraught with uncertainties, new places, new people and new things.

In my case all of my eggs were put into one basket! The people I believe are well meaning, but certainly slow to clear out the rooms needed for me to move and while the date of March 31, the date I MUST be out of my apartment of 14 years by, I find the place I am moving to still has not been cleared for the arrival of furniture, and belongings, (well 10 % of what I have will fit into the space) 90% must go into storage.

I am hoping things will move along at the current Plan A location, however it is so late in the month I find that I must rush to find a Plan B, as an alternative, in case things do not move on Plan A, I have to move by March 24/25th, to give time to clean the apartment.

I have a part time job lined up in downtown (on the mall) Charlottesville. VA

I am hoping if you live in the Charlottesville area and have any idea where I can move or want to suggest a place please call me  at  540-908-0347 or email me at mcw1961 at  gmail.com