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PICT1170Believe me,  packing and moving is never a fun chore! However you still need to eat! So often it is whatever you find digging around the cabinets, fridge and freezer, trying not to buy anything more to add to the mess. I also cannot tell you how much kitchen ware is packed up, so you never have what you want, where it used to be, when you need it. Improvising has become a way of life around here lately.

I was given a Spiral Ham bone, as the people that gave it know that I cook them off for broth, I just cannot believe people throw something this good away, it was loaded with meat and made a decent broth.

Now the recipe today as so often is done with a pressure cooker, I am sorry to those of you that do not have one, however just simmering the ham bone in water will work just fine, but will take several hours longer.

I wanted potato soup, however I  had one last head of broccoli, from a pack of 3 heads to use and so this recipe became Potato, Ham and Broccoli  soup, and it turned out very well indeed, Soups have been easy with all the mess in the kitchen boxes packed and setting everywhere, you need to eat but this quickly puts you out of the mood for culinary exploration! So make the soups once and eat for days. The proverbial one pot meal.


1 Ham Bone with some meat

4 Cups Water

Pressure cook for 20 minutes on 15 lbs pressure, or simmer on stove for about 1 hour or so.

Remove bone, remove meat from bone and add back to broth.

Add the following ingredients.

1 Onion  Chopped ( Strong or Sweet you preference )

4 Cubed Medium Red Potatoes with skins on.

1 Small to Medium Head Broccoli

1/4 to 1/2 cup Half and Half or Milk

Salt to taste.

Black Pepper to taste.

Simmer for 15-20 minutes, until Potatoes and Onions are tender, when tender add the half and half or milk and stir.

Note – I added a large pinch of Dried Thyme, a small pinch of Cayenne Pepper, and a small pinch of Crusted Red Pepper Flakes, This of course like all soups is to personal preference perhaps there are other herbs and spices you may prefer more. Also Garlic would have been good with this, I had garlic but not presence of mind to add it .