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Looking to the year ahead 2012, seems to be looking like a busy one. So many things about to take place for me. However where the blog is concerned there will be many things taking place on here as well.

When I first started the blog believe me, I had no idea what I was doing or how to accomplish what I saw in my mind for it. The one thing that has bothered me for the past several years are the pages, the tabs at the top of the home page.






These pages were done in the beginning and every time I look in the blog stats and see that people have clicked on those page I cringe, as back then I had no idea what a static page was used for as compared the blog post itself. So this winter I want to completely re-write those pages, so that they include viable information for the readers and update some information and remove the old.

Also in the recent year I have added lots of posts of Mennonite / Amish Recipes, cooking and housekeeping tips. As well as some non Mennonite/Amish recipes I like. This has been very popular, however I have had many requests for more basketry and seat weaving, chair caning posts. Which I would like to post on several times during the year.

Also there will be posts on Habitat for Humanity, a great organization, of which is now personal to me as I found out several days before Christmas that I have been approved for a Habitat for Humanity Home. It will be my goal to post the process in pictures from ground breaking through completion, often easier said then done but I am going to try.


In the area of cooking and canning, there are several posts I have been working on for a while one that seems to be popular is “Mixes for the Busy Life” there are many mixes that people pay a pretty good price for pre-packaged in the stores, that you can make right at home in your own kitchen that save both money and time, you just do not pay for the pretty box.

This is a rather large topic and due to the many variations that can be made with each mix makes it better suited to a series of posts rather than a single post.

Also have have made a reference many times during the year to writing about Old Order Mennonite Life in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, while unique to many, you sometime miss it because you live in the midst of it everyday, instead of seeing the uniqueness from a distance. instead of WOW there is a buggy going down the road, it is a normal sound and you don’t even think twice about it when you live around it all the time. So it is my goal to try to do better at what I say that I am going to post about.

So bare with me as I try to make changes, as I re work the Pages mentioned at the top of this post, I will write a short post on revisions made as these do not automatically get emailed like the actual blog posts do.

Wishing everyone a very Happy and Rewarding New Year Ahead.!!