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Well I am sure everyone is asking where all the holiday recipes and posts have gone!

That is a very good question, my holidays I usually bake and cook for gift giving, usually the holiday itself if very quiet for me, never having married, no children, my family is with their families and I am usually at home alone, so I have learned over the years to make my own fun at home.

I bake and cook, work on baskets and design new ones over the two holidays and of course post to the blog, however this year is different, something has been going on every week between the two holidays.

I was sitting here waiting for two loaves of Wheat Bread to rise, thinking about the blog, and also looking at the stats for the blog, and seeing all the searches coming from Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, all of which countries of have quite a few subscribers and followers.

I am curious what your baking and cooking traditions are and what you look forward to doing over the Christmas holiday. If you find time during all the business of the season to post a comment or send an email please do, I am always looking at recipes from other countries. Please feel free to share. you can also email me at mcw1961@gmail.com.

I hope everyone has a Blessed Holiday Season and “Remember the Reason For the Season”