PICT1090Well I tell you, this is unusual for us in Virginia, today we have 2-3 inches of snow on the ground. For as beautiful as it is, the potential for devastating power outages are very real, as all the trees still have their leaves on, the snow is heavy and very wet.

Back in the late 70’s or early 80’s we had the devastating Ice storm, that no one saw coming not even the weathermen. The day before it was in the 70’s it was October the 9th, overnight, the temperatures dropped sharply (they had called for heavy rain that night) so when we heard the electrical storms it was no big deal, the rain beating on the windows at 2 am, just another day. However what we woke up to defied explanation! No power, light streaming in the windows but no sun, 3 feet of sleet /snow and freezing rain, downed power lines, broken trees, and it took hours to get the doors open due to the heavy sleet against them.

PICT1087That storm will live in our minds forever. That day we had thunder snows, the first time we had experienced a thunder storm with snow. While outside, we watched as the skies lit up with the glow of arcing power lines all over the neighborhoods. This is what we compare all storms to ever since. This storm is not bad compared to that one.

There is really no more to say about this one so I thought it would be easiest to share the day with you in pictures.

However by this afternoon, barring a power outage I am hoping to make and post a recipe for homemade Savory Roasted Butternut Squash Soup, something I have been looking forward to making all month, this is good weather and a good day for cooking.

PICT1095Even the poor Portulaca cannot escape the icy grip of winter, These have to be some of the hardiest plants that I have in the planters, they can be burnt to a crisp in a dry pot during the summer months and spring back to life with a bit of water. Time will tell what they look like now after the ice and snow!


The trees are feeling the weight of the snow and ice on them. so far I have not lost power. The day is not over yet though!



PICT1098The last of the summer squash, can be seen here, this is from a late summer planting which all in all had done pretty good. I also found that by planting in August the plants are not bothered by pests as with spring plantings.

PICT1099Poor thing hanging on for dear life under the weight of snow and ice. You can hear him screaming!


I hope you have enjoyed looking at the first snow of winter in Virginia, I am sure it won’t be the last, but really wish that it had not come until January! When winter starts in Virginia in October it makes for a very long winter. BTW, I am sure my Canadian subscribers are reading this and saying “Give me a break!” Virginia must be full of Weenies” !