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Over the past year I have noticed on so many blogs, they put links to the articles that were written a year ago, which I like to see on their blogs. I think this is interesting to see what they were thinking and writing about a year ago back in time.

I have decided to do that for my blog, let me know what you think of this idea I have started doing this and find it interesting to see where my mind was a year ago. Since I have already posted yesterday and don’t have a post ready for today, this will be my post today

A year ago for the month of October 2010, I made 3 posts. All dealing with baskets and chair caning.

Blue text below is a hyperlink to the October 2010 Archive, where you can click on any of the titles below

A Year Ago October 2010

The Art of the Braided Basket Handle

Winter Time- Best for Chair Caning

Christmas is Coming – Place Basket Orders Now!

I am hoping this will be of interest to all of you to see what I was thinking a year in the past, it has been for me lately.