PICT0392Well what a thing to report, big news on the east coast, I am located about 80 miles west of the earthquake epicenter. I was sitting here at the computer, and felt a spinning feeling like a washer on the spin cycle, then a rumbling  then the floor felt like it was rolling then it was over. The dishes and were rattling.  They are warning of aftershocks.

The earthquake was centered in Mineral VA.  northwest of Richmond, VA,  The last major earthquakes on this fault they are saying was in the same spot in 1892, and was 5.6

They have closed all national monuments in DC, and it was felt up in Rhode Island.

I will admit it kind of leaves you with an unsettled feeling. That is all for now, barring an aftershock, I still plan on posting the Slow Roasted Pulled Pork BBQ.