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It is good to pause and rest awhile

From life’s demanding pace……

To leave the loud

Chaotic crowd

And find a peaceful place;

To put on the cloak of quietness

With heart and mine at ease.

To sit with a friend

At the long day’s end

And recall fond memories.

And whether we talk or whether we


You’ll find that in the end.

No treasure, though rare.

Could ever compare

With the quiet hours spent with a


At the time of the writing of this poem, I tried searching everyway I could think of to find a link to a biography of Barbara Burrow, and could not locate one.

I took the poem from Grace Magazine (British Quarterly) Spring Issue 1988,  that ceased publication probably 20 years ago, much to my dismay. The man who wrote this quarterly publication died and left no one to carry it on.