Refreshing Summer Time Staple on the Kitchen Table”

PICT0777You know that the garden in coming in when the cucumbers start and a staple in our refrigerator growing up was the ever going bowl of cucumbers and onions in vinegar water.  A refreshing snack to grab or placed on the table with meals!

There is nothing difficult about this recipe if you can slice a cucumber and an onion you have it.

I have tasted these done several different ways over the years, our preferred method is just as stated above. however if you prefer something sweet you can add sugar, to the mixture, feel free to use white or cider vinegar, we most always use cider vinegar in most all of our recipes.


2-4 Cucumbers Sliced – (if cucumber has nice skin on it you can leave it on, these did not )

1 Onion (you can use sweet onions, however we always use strong yellow onions) Red onion looks nice also

Cider Vinegar (to taste)


Ratio for vinegar to water depends on personal preference, however 1 part vinegar to 2-3 parts water.

Salt and Pepper

Note: I have also had this with fresh chopped dill mixed in.