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PICT0772You just would not believe how much of the fennel plant does not go to waste! Actually you can use the entire plant. I will admit that I had no previous experience with the herb/vegetable at all, always a bit leary to try it as so many people bad mouthed it as tasting like you were eating Anise. I have been so impressed with the aroma, and flavor of it that I wanted to save as much as possible of the plant for use this winter.

This is not to say that I would use it every time in everything I make, however it is lightly aromatic and can imagine using it in poultry broths  and stews to add a new layer of flavors to the dish being prepared.

After researching on the internet, I have found that all parts of the plant can be saved and used later, even the trimmings when you are cutting the bulb up; as well as the fern like leaves of the plant.

I have tried several different methods today. I put the finely chopped fronds into ice trays and added water to freeze into ice cubes to be added to soups and stews. I put the pencil thick stalks and bulb trimmings into containers and added water to freeze in the same manner. How easy could this be for winter use.


I have found that if you dehydrate foods you can dehydrate it also; just the same as with dill. Here I will take the frozen cubes and put into food saver bags and vacuum seal for the longest shelf life. By freezing in water you avoid freezer burn so common with todays frost free freezers.

Also you will find that just the green fronds and stalks from one or two bulbs will yield plenty for winters use.