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PICT0653If you are like me, not all are, I absolute do not like store bought green beans! I guess I was ruined as a child because we always had home canned green beans, which have a different flavor and texture.

Recently on a canning group that I belong to this vary discussion came up and several people wrote in to say that the only way that they like them is by cooking them in the crock pot for about 12 hours on low, with meat, ham hock or bacon in the pot.

I tried this recently and found that they are very similar to fresh green beans that have simmered for hours on the stove. I thought they were very good. In the crock pot pictured I used some side meat that I had, while they were good, I think next time I would use bacon or a ham hock to flavor the beans.

I did put a tablespoon of sugar in as my grandmother always said to take away the green taste.

Slow Cooked Store Bought Green Beans

For mine I used a #10 can of regular green beans, I prefer Italian cut or case knife beans and usually will add some cooked dry beans (white or Cranberry beans) makes them like Shelly Beans at the end of the season. , you could also add a can of corn or take some fresh corn off the cob and add to the beans this is always good. PICT0652Picture is served with a thick slice of tomato on your plate as well (you have a country meal)

Put # 10 can green beans in slow cooker put you meat/ham hock in the with the beans, season to taste and set the slow cooker for 10 – 12 hours on low. add a bit of sugar stir.

So easy.