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I know there are many of you out there that are like me 50 and older, back in the 60’s and before could be pretty good time and pretty hard. Many of you my age will have had parents and grandparents that grew up or lived through the depression. Conserving was a way of life, using everything that you had and not letting anything go to waste.

Sometimes we thought some of these cost cutting measures were really far out. Why do we have to do that mom, just open a new can, or buy another, as children we often observe the best things in life and see things through rose colored glasses. We did not at that time stop to appreciate why they did the things the did, life seemed so simple back then.

Well you know back then there was no such thing as Pam to spray your cake pans, or butter the casserole with, you either got out the lard bucket, bacon drippings, or saved chicken fat, or Crisco. Many times I remember mom using the butter wrappers; on the cake pans she was using. PICT0755

I have had and been through hard times in the past 5 years. I have reflected back on the times of my childhood and brought back to life many of those ideas I grew up with. One of them is saving butter wrappers, I am fortunate enough to have a deep freeze and the freezer in the top of the refrigerator, so I save butter wrappers, if I don’t need one at the time I am finishing up a stick of butter, they go into a container in the freezer until I need to grease a pan.

Things cannot get more simple than that, open the container, take a butter paper out, let set on the counter for a minute or two, and grease your pan, something this simple cuts the need to needlessly  use or purchase other products we do not need. Just another way of saving.