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PICT0739So often you are not in the mood or a biscuit or toast, you just want something bread like and homemade. Quick Yeast Rolls, well are not quick like biscuits, they are not quick like frozen rolls from the store either.

This recipe can be made with all white or unbleached if you prefer, however we all need fiber in our diets and the addition of the whole wheat gives you that and still makes a nice light roll.


1 cup white or unbleached flour

1 cup whole wheat flour

1 cup very warm water (to dissolve yeast in)

1 Tablespoon sugar

1 Tablespoon yeast

1/2 tsp salt

3 tablespoons shortening (butter, lard, Crisco actually whichever you prefer) melted

Place the flour (s) in the mixing bowl, and whisk or stir with flat paddle of the Kitchen Aid to blend.

Take flat paddle off and put dough hook on.

Take very warm water (my hot tap water seems to be the correct temp) and put the sugar, and yeast in , stir to dissolve yeast, allow a few minutes to make sure the yeast is working.

Add melted shortening and salt and stir.

Add to flour, and mix on stir speed (you may need to move the flour with a spatula into the yeast mixture to help the dough hook start mixing.

Now just allow the dough hook to mix everything into a nice soft ball, then stop,

If the dough is too sticky add a bit more flour, just toss some in and mix. I do not worry too much, take the dough out of the mixer, and put into a bowl with a bit of oil or melted shortening, flip over and let rise

NOTE:(In summer if warm it may double within 20 minutes, in winter I place my covered bowl on top of the water heater. also if using a Pyrex mixing bowl you can (if the oven is on) lightly warm the bowl in the oven and put the dough in) if baking something else while making the rolls you can place the covered bowl on the stove top to rise)

Now once doubled, punch down, and pinch of small pieces perhaps golf ball size or a bit larger and with your hands stretch, fold and shape in to balls and place in a greased square or round cake pan , cover and let rise until double (this often takes 15-20 minutes depending on how warm the kitchen is,

Preheat the oven to 450 degrees, place rolls in the oven, set timer for 12-15 minutes, I find that usually about 15 minutes is right, (all ovens are different so you will have to watch to see how yours does)

Remove from oven and brush tops with butter (I save butter papers for this) rub over surface to grease tops.

This looks complicated, but it is not, when you get used to doing it.

Depending on the size you choose to make the rolls you will end up with 9-12 rolls, as you can see I ended up with 13.