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PICT0732When I was young I remember Mom making creamed onion tops for over toast and biscuits, back then I was young and did not know anything about being hard up, or making food stretch to feed two growing boys, it was just life.

During the summer months when my grandparents had the garden I often remember mom coming home from grandma’s with spring green onions (well in the summer time they were larger and older) but she would chop up the onions and the tops and cook in some water, with some salt and pepper and then when tender she would add milk, and thickening and then at the end stir in some butter. CREAMED ONION TOPS!!

Time are tight like those time back 40 to 50 years ago, so history repeats itself once again, we don’t know in life what will be fall us, or how we will cope with these hard times. However I am thankful for a good memory of the prior 50 years, that I am able to retain all of life’s lessons I learned along the way. When hard times befall us then we can go back to those days and draw on them for living today.

When you think about it this recipe for Creamed Onion Tops is the basis for many recipes, Asparagus Soup, Potato Soup, Oyster Stew, Hamburger Gravy, it is so easy to make and since so many recipes for quick meals can be created with just this one bit of knowledge you can create so many dishes for you and your family.


1 bunch of 4-6 green Spring Onions (less can be used according to the age of the onions, more depending on how well you like onions and if they are very young)

2 cups Water

1 tablespoon butter

When onions are tender, add milk, 1/2 and 1/2 , or cream to desired amount,

Butter, Salt and Pepper, you may add some sugar, just a teaspoon to a tablespoon should do, as my grandmother and great aunt used to say, it is added to take the green taste out, however it depends on personal preference.

Thicken with 2 tablespoons Cornstarch dissolved in cool water, add to mixture stir and simmer until thickened (if too thick add more milk or water, if to thin add extra thickening.

If you are out of cornstarch you can melt a couple tablespoons of butter in a dish in the microwave and add a couple tablespoons flour and stir,  if flour make this mixture to thick add another tablespoon butter and melt, you want he consistency to be smooth, not runny, not thick. add this to the simmering water and milk mixture, and simmer for a minute or two, until the mixture thickens to desired consistency.

Serve over toast or Sour Cream Biscuits. or Quick Yeast Rolls.