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PICT0665Save your onion skins? What for you ask? Well I will tell you something that I learned from Madeleine Kamman, years ago on one of her PBS cooking shows. Save your onion skins (the nice golden to deep brown skins) they are fantastic to add to any broth, in particular bland chicken broth, to give the color, richness lacking in chicken broth. However I have used in all broths where I want a deep rich brown color.

When you peel the outer layers of skin off your onions, it is like Madeleine said, it is just dried onion! I let it sit on the counter for a day to thoroughly dry out, then put them in an air tight container. When you need them take them out, as many as you like for the amount of broth you have and cook with the broth, it will turn a rich golden brown.

Note: Like many things in the kitchen and cooking, personal preference rules, on the amount of skins you will use, you just have to play with it and learn what amount of skins gives the color you desire most. Personally I have found with chicken broth, it will not take to many just to give a subtle rich color to your both.

This as simple as this are often overlooked in todays kitchens, these are the very simple and cost effective ways to save money when food prices are increasing by leaps and bounds. Often in cooking it is the illusion of a rich broth, if the bland broth looks bland it will be bland, but if it looks rich, then your mind will be tricked into believing it is something far different than it really is.

Food is all about presentation, illusion of what the cook wants people to think it is., just like an ordinary dish, say deviled eggs, by themselves they look good, but add a garnish to them, paprika, chopped parsley, chives, and you have created ZING!!

The same goes with both, stocks etc. I have always done this, it is so easy, a good way not to waste food needlessly, and they are ever ready in the cabinet waiting for your use.

I hope you will try this and start saving today.

I was hoping to find a good link to a biography of Madeleine Kamman, however I was unable to find one, other than advertising the many cookbooks she has authored, here is a link that give some information on Madeleine Kamman