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Have you ever went to make a recipe and found that you did not have any brown sugar? Well never fear, making brown sugar at home is so easy you will wonder why you had not thought of it before.

Brown sugar is just white sugar that has molasses added to it. I find that often what you buy in the store is a slightly finer grind of sugar, however after a day you cannot tell the difference between store bought and homemade with granulated sugar.

You can make any amount you need, I usually start with:

4 cups white sugar

1-2 Tablespoons Molasses (to personal taste actually)

Place in your mixing bowl (I use a kitchen aid mixer) with the flat beater on

While it is mixing on the stir setting I drizzle in the molasses (can be black strap, or a lighter molasses, I have even used Sorghum Molasses)

At first you will think this does not look right it will look like very dirty white sugar, I usually keep it on stir setting or number 2 and walk away and let it mix at couple of minutes, then you start to see the transformation  to solid brown, if not dark enough drizzle in additional .

If you have found you got to much and sugar seems wet, then add additional white sugar and mix as above. It is more or less one of those things you get used to making by doing.

When done place in your brown sugar jar to store it.