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Today every thing is so expensive to buy, however for decades the only cleaner that we have used to clean windows to wiping down counters to cleaning grease spattered stoves and range hoods is a simple cleaner, is a simple cheap and very effective household cleaner.

We all call it Mennonite Cleaner, as we have only seen it is some Mennonite cookbooks. The recipe follows.

Take a quart spray bottle and fill it with:

1/3 Ammonia (non sudsing)

1/3 Rubbing Alcohol

1/3 Tap Water

Shake to mix together. When I made mine up yesterday and thought about posting this, I figured the price, which comes to 71 cents per quart. sometimes you can still find alcohol on sale 2/1.00, however I last paid 78 cents for a pint, so it can be made cheaper still. I don’t think that you can find a  better cleaner out there that will cut through dirt grease and grime any better or cheaper for that matter than this has. I have been told that the alcohol is what makes a streak free shine, as it causes quick evaporation on the surfaces you use it on.

This is great for windows. Like I said before, this is the only thing we have used for decades now!! I have looked at the prices of other cleaners in the store just yesterday and was shocked by what they wanted for a bottle of multi-surface cleaner, as I picked up my 1/2 gal. of Ammonia, pint of alcohol. and I could not be happier using this.