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Do you like lemon In your tea? How about making a lemon pie? Perhaps you don’t care for Lemon, perhaps Orange, Lime or even Vanilla!

Flavored Sugars can be made so easily anytime you need them or well in advanced and kept until ready to use. They also make great gifts anytime of the year for any occasion.  Who ever the recipient is, even yourself, they will love this simple homemade gift from the heart.

I will start by telling you most citrus fruits can be used, thought I personally have not tried grapefruit. There are several things that will make the job easier, depending on what you want to do.

PICT0625Most citrus will yield more juice if frozen,and thawed. Have you ever gotten a lot of oranges over the holidays only to see them go bad, simply put the Oranges in the freezer, this works for all citrus fruits, when you need zest, take out a frozen fruit and grate the zest off with a rasp  or nutmeg style grater. while still frozen, if you don’t need the juice put the lemon back in a freezer bag until just the juice is needed. 

PICT0626     A citrus zester, works easier on non frozen fruits for nice long ribbons of zest, or you can chop these ribbons fine if you wish with a good sharp knife.

Place whatever form of zest you prefer into a bowl of sugar mix and allow to set, as the days go by the sugar draws the vital oils into the sugar.The amount of sugar you use and the amount of zest is up to your personal preference. I prefer to put mine in mason jars, if you are ever feeling down just open the jar and smell, it will brighten of your day, the aroma is heavenly!! You might say it is like Aromatherapy for Cooks

The same can be done with Vanilla Beans,  simply slice PICT0627open length wise and scrape the seeds out and mx with the sugar, I usually will put the bean itself in as well.

I would suggest you start with a cup of sugar and the zest of one lemon, lime or orange, then try it and and if to strong add another cup of sugar, if to weak, add more zest.