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PICT0467Good Morning Everyone I have been torn the last couple of weeks pondering my blog!

As all of you know it started out with Basketry and Chair Caning which I still do, then I added recipes that I  make, as I cook nearly everything from scratch everyday. Many recipes are Mennonite and Amish recipes.

The one thing I never wanted for my original blog was to become a mish-mash of ideas and topics. While many of you have commented and written to me privately telling you like the blog the way it is, because it introduces you to a wide variety of topics, some have written wanting to see a Cooking Blog, with recipes, pictures and posts about cooking, baking and canning, and Mennonite Life.

If I did create a blog, based solely on these things I would link it to the original Blog, like the blog I have for the Baskets for sale (which as you know has not happened yet) life seems to get in the way sometimes.

So I am asking my followers, readers out there to either write to the following ways and let me know what you think.

email mcw1961@gmail.com


Comment on the Blog for this post

If you know others that like to read cooking blogs you can pass this along to them and they are free to comment also. I want to thank everyone for their help in this decision!

Since for me cooking from scratch is a daily thing, a cooking blog alone is not impossible, but I would just like to see everyone’s feeling about this.