PICT0399I just wanted to take this opportunity, to say THANK YOU! to everyone that has subscribed to my blog this week. I am grateful that so many people have found things and topics of interest on my blog enough to subscribe to it.

I also wanted to let some know on the dashboard end of my blog (the part that I see) that some have subscribed to comments in the past (none the past month) and not to the blog. I am thinking they have thought when they subscribe to comments or a particular post, that they are subscribing to my blog, that however is not the case. Those that have subscribed to the comments or a certain post, I don’t have their email addresses like when someone subscribes to the blog itself.

I would like to encourage all that follow my blog to subscribe to the blog, either via RSS feed, or a reader, or by email. then each time a post is made you will receive and email notification of the post.

Again thank you very much for your interest in my blog.