PICT0474Colonial Williamsburg is a nice place to visit during any season of the year, the town takes on a whole new look every time you visit. This time some very dear friends came up and took me back with them as a nice week long get away after a long cold and dreary winter.

I believe in this day and age where very little is free in life, not matter where you go there is a high price to pay to just enjoy a day. For many it is a day at an amusement park which can cost as much as $50.00 per person to get in, not counting food and other things. It is nice to know that there is a place like Colonial Williamsburg where you can park and walk around among all the Colonial Buildings, Structures and Gardens for free.

PICT0503While there are charges to get into some of the buildings like the Bookbinders, Cobblers Shop, and tours of the Governor’s Palace, so many place in the town are completely free, and so relaxing to stroll down the streets and look at the garden and homes at your leisure.

On this day in March that I was there the sun would not cooperate with me and it looked stormy all the time I wanted to take pictures, however it was quite and enjoyable day.

I was disappointed by the lack of flowering bulbs, but this summer I will go back when the gardens are in bloom and take more pictures.

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