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Margaret E. Sangster (1838-1912)


Beside the plow He walks with me,

And if my step be slow,

He pauses, waiting so that He

May lead me where I go.

I feel His presence at my side,

His hand upon my hair;

His love sweeps boundless like the tide,

About me everywhere.

Beside the plow He walks with me,

I cut the furrows deep.

I know His gentle eyes will see

The harvest that I reap.

His guiding touch is on my arm,

And well I know the care

That keeps me safe from sin and harm.

Is with me everywhere.

A forest path in Redwoods State Park, California.

Beside the plow He walks with me,

And all my troubles sweep

Away, I know that there will be

No time to pine or weep:

My very oxen seem to feel

The rapture in the air;

The love that lives to bless and heal

Surrounds us everywhere

Beside the plow He walks with me

And lo, the sun shines down;

The same that smiled on Galilee,

And on a thorny crown.

God grant that when the shadows creep

Across the mountains fair

His love may still be wide and deep

About me everywhere

If you would like to know more about Margaret E. Sangster. please click on her name, she was the Editor of Harpers Bazaar, from 1889 to 1899