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I have had several people ask since starting this blog in 2009, if I would make a post on the steps involved in weaving a Ribbed Style Basket and the steps involved in Hand Caning a Chair.

This month I am planning on doing just that. I would like to have the capabilities of putting together a video on both, alas, I don’t have that capability, so for now both posts will show this in pictures. I have the frame for the basket staring at me on the table which is a 20” round oak hoop and a 12 x 20” oval hoop, this is a basket of my own design. I also have a chair to be hand caned.

So this seems the perfect time to work on both of these and let you see the progression of each in pictures.

The following are just pictures of chairs and baskets from the past to help illustrate the styles to be demonstrated.

019As it turns out this is the basket to be woven this month.!

Below are other examples of Ribbed Baskets woven in the past.


Examples of Hand Caned Chairs, that I have caned over the years.