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imageThe past couple of days, being able to open windows and doors, at last. Make me think of freedom, feeling the breeze through the apartment, and sunshine coming in all around. These things just make you feel like a new day is dawning and now each and every day we will look in the yards and gardens to see what new flowers of bursting for to bring us joy.

I am so glad that Spring really seems to be here. The long cold days of being confined to the apartment due to constant cold. this weather is just so nice, it starts to put you into a much better state of wellbeing

This picture was taken from my dear friends blog (with permission) Karyn Bennett. “Lizzy Lane Farm”

This picture and the rains from a couple of days ago made me think of this poem by W L Stidger, Titled    “RAIN”



I saw God wash the world last night

    With His sweet shower on High,

And then when morning came

    I saw Him hang it out to dry

He washed each tiny blade of grass,

    And every trembling tree.

He flung His shower against the hills

    And swept the billowing sea.


The white rose is a sweeter sight,

    The red rose more red,

Since God washed every fragrant face

    And put them all to bed

There’s not a bird, there’s not a bee

    That wings along its way

But that is a cleaner bird or bee than it was



I saw God wash the world last night.

    Ah! would he had washed me

As clean of all my dust and dirt

    As that white birch-bark tree

                         ~~W. L. Stidger