PICT0180Spring is finally making its way to Western Virginia, I am so glad I am tired to bundling up to stay warm inside and outside. The trees are budding out and soon all will be in bloom and leaf, signs of Spring is showing in the flower beds, bulbs poking up through the cold ground.

Cold weather from this point onward is always easier to take, when you see signs of spring everywhere you turn. Although I don’t really have any pictures yet of the signs of Spring, which I hope to with the next posting. I do have this one picture of ferns growing by my basket studio door from last May, so this will give us all something to look forward to.

I am late in posting, I had hoped to post in February, but I guess that Winter just got me down a bit. I am hoping as you have heard before to start posting something every month. It will not always be about basketry or chair caning, however I hope there will be something that everyone will enjoy.