Good Morning to everyone, finally after going through the holidays and starting the new year off all wrong I think I am off to a better start now, than I was.

I started the holidays and new year off with Pleurisy on my left lung for about 4 weeks, this is why the belated post on the New Year. I am glad to say that now I think things are back  to normal. I also think with all the cold weather this year it is time for a little spring, so I am posting some colorful pictures of warmer times past!

I have missed posting on a regular basis, and am hoping that I can start posting soon. This year may be a mixture of posts. I have wanted for some time to take pictures of rural Old Order Mennonite life in and around Dayton VA for quite some time. I  live in such a beautiful area of the Shenandoah Valley, there are so many things to see with each passing mile. The best things are found off the beaten path, and that is what I hope to bring to my readers this year.

Also many people have commented on, and written to me about pictures of home canned foods, which is just a way of life here. The pressure canner always sits on the floor beside the stove ready to be used.

I am hoping to weave more baskets over the year also. Designs that I have in my head, that just need to come out, to make room for more designs.

I am not certain how the year will go, but we will just take one day at a time, and see where it takes us this year.