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Seagrass Full Fannied Egg Basket

New Blog to Feature Current Works- In the coming months I will be adding a new blog, to work in tandem with the current blog, which will act as a catalog to baskets available for purchase as well as log of more artistic works as they progress.

Right now when you go there, you will not see much, it will look very generic, as this is the way most blog formats look in the beginning, however as time progresses changes to the blog will occur and then the baskets will come. So please bare with me as this process progresses.

The link to the new blog: http://heritagebasketstudio.wordpress.com I will also be adding this hyperlink in the side bar of the blog for easy access.

As I see how this works I may also add an additional blog for the handmade cards that I make that will serve as a catalog for these as well.

This was the easiest way to be able to show you baskets that are for sale, and the process and steps in the construction of more artistic art forms. I will also be venturing into Non Functional Woven Sculpture, as well as the more artistic Antler Baskets. Antler baskets are a type of ribbed baskets where the ribbed basket is constructed on the antler. The antler can become the handle or can also be used to accentuate the graceful lines of the basket itself.

I am anxious to be able to show my customers these works, and also be able to have my more popular basket for sale. However in working within the Terms of Service with WordPress, there will be no e-commerce on the blog. Any transactions that take place will be done by contacting me personally for sales and shipping information.

Under the current situation US Postal Money Orders or Personal Checks will be accepted.

I am hoping to see the first baskets online in January 2011.