Blog Exceeds 10,000 Page Views- Since starting my blog, March 2009, (with great apprehension) as to whether I could do one, whether I could write articles that people would even be interested in coming to read, with so many stumbling blocks in my way, I did make my blog, and people did come. While 10,000 views in the past 20 months is just peanuts in the blogging world, for most blogs; this I feel is a great achievement that people have come and found substance worth returning for.

I have found that I don’t have many subscribers, I have found that many people email me to let me know that they do come back regularly to read what I post. the one thing that I thought would be difficult learning the whole process, is post the pictures. To me a blog rich in pictures, is a blog worth looking at. I have visited some blogs that are just journals, of words, nothing to help the mind shape and form concepts from around which to see the story that you are trying to convey, and this was very important to me.

My digital camera is not the best, really I had hoped long before now to have a much better camera, as I love to take pictures, however, disability jumped in my way and put that stumbling block in my path, while I don’t like to tell the world about it, the truth is it is here, it has happened and it has changed my life and the way I have to deal with life in general. Goals that I once strove to set and achieve can still be attained but at a very much slower pace than once before, so we make do the best with what we have to work with at the present.

I am hoping to have more pictures, as time goes by, I think Life told in Pictures is a wonderful thing. Life is a Picture!

I will add here that if it were not for the help of a very dear friend that I have never met in person, and her encouragement over my anguishing of making this blog, I probably never would have started it. This is Karyn Bennett of Lizzy Lane Farm in New Hampshire, she was experienced in several blogs, Blogger and Word Press, of which I have been very appreciative of all of her help over the past 2 years.

Lizzy Lane Farm Blog, which she writes, is full of things from the daily farm life in New Hampshire, Karyn walks your through tending horse, chickens, farm animals, daily life of a farm wife, cooking, canning, and I will add a fantastic Soap Maker, which she sells and can be ordered by contacting her through her blog, the holidays are coming and Karyn would be the person to talk to.

Also the many hours of emailing and talking back and forth with my dear friend Cathryn Peters, in MN, who has the best website on the net, packed with years of valuable information on all types of Wicker, Caning, Seat Weaving and Basketry information. please follow this link to view Cathryn’s website,

I struggled a long time with what I would write about this day in the life of my blog,, and I thought perhaps the best way to let my readers see what the most popular articles and pictures have been is just to print the “Stats Page” into the blog.

When viewing, please note, that while some articles near the bottom, have fewer views, they may also be more current articles and not on site as long as the others. Also many with lower views were originally viewed from the “Home Page” which has the highest views to date.

Danish Modern

Danish Cord Chairs has the highest most views of any article on the blog, While I personally do not care for most modernistic designs in chairs, Danish Cord is the exception, Danish Cord has the most sleek and graceful lines of any modern chair I have seen and it is a true pleasure to make any of these old chair usable again.

Well I could certainly babble on and on about this and that, but the real story here, is not the writing to the blog, but to sincerely thank everyone that has come to my blog, searching for help and I hope finding help through what has been written there in. Thanks to you when I see new subscriptions, email subscriptions, comments left behind by you, it always is an encouragement to continue on to hopefully write articles that will at least help someone to ask for more information.

I am sure I will be writing another article after this one contains the information that I left out of this one, I assure you that as soon as I hit the “Publish Button” as whole list of things will flood my mind!!

Thanks to each and everyone of you this has been made possible, and many thanks to my good friend Karyn Bennett.

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