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Home Canning in today’s world, while many people are content to just shop at their neighborhood grocery store an have what they need. There is still a vast number of people that like to home can their foods.
I for one feel that home canning is not a chore like a lot of people think that it is, but it is for us and always has been a way of life.
Having come from a Mennonite background, where preserving the harvest is as natural as making that first pot of coffee in the morning. Canning has advantages over freezing everything in that one when the power goes out you do not loose everything, you still can eat what you have put up.
Basically you have ready made meals in a jar, or else very little prep time goes into helping to make the evenings meal
This is just a quick post, there will be a more comprehensive post in the coming month.
I would like to let you know about an invaluable resource on the internet, it is a Yahoo Group that I belong to that is filled with very knowledgeable people who have been canning for years. Everyone on the group is very easy to talk to, ask questions I am sure in no time you will have and answer if not several to your questions.
The group is called Canning 2, here is the link to the group. I cannot urge you enough to join and ask questions from the many tried and true experts on this group that can guide you through the home canning experience, you will also find answers to home cheese making and dehydrating there as well.
Here is the link to the group.


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