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The Flying Rocker


This Saturday on the way to the farmers market, I was on the road early in the morning all by myself, when in the rear view mirror, I happened to hear a snap, and look there goes a flying hand caned rocker, it used to be a very nice cherry rocker that was given to me.

Well I could have wasted all kinds energy getting mad and upset, but hey, what was the use, all the getting upset would not reverse time! The poor rocker would have been sent to ICU had it been a person. It suffered a major broken rocker, it poor little finial had been decapitated on the left side of the back, it had scratches and bruises, but the seat was totally intact!!

So you have to ask your self what now? Firewood? Of course not, it could be seen as a sign sent from God with a useful purpose in mind that I have actually prayed for over the past several years. Say what? You Say how can this be a good thing?

When Life Gives You Lemons – Make LemonadeĀ  or God Never Shuts a Door that He Does Not Open a Window!

Over the years, I will come home from the market on a Sat. afternoon to find poor Orphaned chairs left at my doorstep by well meaning friends and family that passed by a yard sale and found old chairs that have not had bottoms in for years, well people at the sales usually do not want to drag them back in the house and will give them away.

I tell you some have been nice, while others just need prayers and warm wood stove to go to. However I cannot bring myself to get rid of the ones that are on the edge of ify, So several years ago I thought that I would like to take and weave the various styles of seat weaving in the chairs and then take and saw off the back and legs, and have my sample seats to hang up at the market and shows, there was just one small problem!! The most sought after seat, Hand Caned, is harder to come by in a chair in total despair!!

For years I have thought about just take one and sawing off the legs and back, but just could not bring myself to do it!! All the others I have chairs set aside for, Rush, Splint, Pressed Cane, even a set of deep artists stretchers to do a Danish Cord Seat, but no hand caning. Well don’t you see, I guess God is telling me that it is time to quit thinking about doing and do it, if I cannot seem to do the dirty work of cutting up a chair, then He will give me the chair to do, and He Did!!!

So often in Life we get mad, upset and fly off the handle, however when you stop to think did this make us feel more positive about the situation? No of course Not,itĀ  did not do anything, the best way to look at a situation like this is now what, how can I turn this bad situation around into something that is helpful to me as well as others. Life is way to short to wander through it in a furious and upset state, sometime situations are unrepairable, we just have to look at it, and let go, and guess what life goes on from there it always does.

I was also thankful, I was on the road all alone, when the bungee snapped and the rocker when flying (looked like the scene from the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy is in the cyclone!! This situation could have much worse had there been a car behind me, everything was set in perfect time to God’s Will.