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Many things in my life have been lived from ages past, when I was a teenager, I joined the Old Order Mennonites of Dayton, Virginia. Life as an Old Order Mennonite, was living in the past, shunning modern technologies, and modern conveniences, we had no radios, televisions, cell phone, automobiles, or computers: no stereos etc. In a lot of instances no electricity.

Since I left when I was 26, (now 49) very little has changed, time virtually stands still for the Old Order Mennonites, I still live in the same area I always have, the same friends that I had back then still drive horse and buggies, still live without electricity, still shun computers, and I am almost certain you will not see them tweeting,or texting  that most people take for granted today.

I can with utmost certainty tell you that I do good to write this blog, turn on this computer, and pray that I can learn how to do it all today and get to the same place tomorrow. I have no innate desire for a cell phone, nor do I even have the most remote desire to know anything about texting.  (I will add here that I do have a cell phone ,which was loaned to me by friends that I only use as a land-line due to the disability, and inability to have a land-line at this time) in the day that I get the land-line, then the cell phone goes back!

In an effort since starting this blog, to keep up with the way readers get and share information, I have added a Twitter Widget to the blog, which I am still not sure what this does, I think it shares with all of you every-time I make a post to the blog, if it does not hopefully someone out there will let me know.

This morning I also added sharing buttons to the posts which will (or should ) appear at the bottom of each post. Like I said I have not a clue how any of this works, and when I have researched I just get one big pulsating vein in the side of my head trying to understand it all.  However for the readers it is there and I hope they use it and find it useful to them.

Just like the age old art of chair caning and basket weaving, I am happy living in the past, and do not need to progress through time with all the bells and whistles this life has to offer. However I will say that I am thankful for the computer which does allow me to make new friends around the world, and see what they are doing.

Please all of you readers bare with me while I try to figure all of this modern stuff out.