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PICT0073I find it really fascinating in today’s wold just how many people have forgotten what hand work and hand labor is. They forget in the high-speed world of the internet and computers, cell phones and information on demand, what artisan skills are and what time is involved in the fine art of handcrafted work.

Over the years as a professional basket weaver and chair caner, I have noticed how impatient customers have grown for their chairs to be hand caned, as if they lived on the Star Ship Enterprise and could just go and put a chair in the replicator and it should be done within seconds at the touch of a button.

Hand Caning takes hours of hand labor that usually takes place over days and weeks, while at the same time working other chair orders at the same time.People do not understand the hours involved from start to finish in the caning process and cannot understand why it takes 4 to 6 weeks turn around time for their chairs to caned, dried, stained often times to match, which in itself can take quite a while, since cane does not take stain and each coat must dry completely before the next layer or color is applied.

In short hand caning takes time, it cannot be rushed. Unlike today’s computer fast age, where you get what you want at the click of a mouse, it is not so with hand caning. Like all good Artisan made skills, Quality takes time!